The Hidden Messages Carried by Different Types of Chinese Flowers

Free-Shipping-New-simulation-chrysanthemumThe flower meanings

China is one of the oldest nations in the whole world. The Chinese art and culture is very rich and significant. A large variety flowers grow in China. In Chinese culture each type of flower carries different meaning and significances. The flower numbers also carry inner and cryptographic meanings. The entire Chinese population loves the flower very much. Flowers form an integral part of each and every occasion in the Chinese society. The Chinese philosophers have also referred a lot to the flower meanings and symbolism. Some of the flower symbols, meanings and significances are discussed in this article.

arkansasThe Apple Blossom and the Arum flowers

These are two of the most significant and popular flowers in the country of China. Each of these two flowers carries specific significances. The Apple Blossom flower signifies good fortune, better future and preferences. Arum flower signifies Ardor. These two flowers are also popularly gifted in various occasions, festivals and celebrations in China.

Asparagus Fern and Aster flowers

The flower produced by the  Asparagus Fernflowering plant is the ultimate symbol of great fascination. Thus, these flowers can be gifted to the lovers in order to express the love and affection he or she feels for the opposite gender. The Aster flower is a strong symbol of love, talisman and daintiness. These flowers are also extremely bright and beautiful in appearance.

Balm and the

These are two of the most popular flowers in China. The balm flower exclusively symbolizes sympathy. The Begonia flower signified awareness and a nature which is fanciful. Both of these flowers can be grown very easily on any types of soil and under all kinds of weather and climatic conditions. The various arrangements made with these flowers like bunches, bouquets or vases are on a huge sale in the nation of China.

The Camellia and Candytuft flowers

These are two of the world famous and popular types of flowers. Tdefine-camellia-1hese are beautiful, bright and sweet scented. The Camilla flower exclusively symbolizes admiration, good luck, perfection and gratitude. The flower is beautiful pink colored with very good smell. The Candytuft flowers signify indifference in human acts and character. Thus, both of these flowers are hugely significant. These flowers are very commonly used for the interior decoration purposes of the households and commercial building in China. These flowering plants can be grown and maintained quite easily without any extra costs or efforts.

The daffodil and dahlia flowers

These are two of the most beautiful, widely used as well popular flowers in China as well as the whole world. The Daffodil flower signifies regards, sunshine, love, respect and passion. Dahlia flower symbolizes elegance, dignity and forever Thine. Thus, both of these types of flowers symbolize very much positive meaning in human life and civilization. The bright and shining color of the flowers is best suitable for the gifting purposes in various occasions and parties in China. The flowers are also symbols of truth and purity. That is why fresh flowers of these types are kept in the households of China.

Filberts and forget me not flowers

The filbert flower symbolizes reconciliation while forget me not flower symbolizes sweet memories and true love. Thus, these begonia-flower-2flowers can be gifted to successfully express all true human emotions and feelings for each other. Thus, these flower arrangements of various types are wonderful gift items in the Chinese society. People of all ages love and adore these flowers in the nation. The flowers grow very easily and remain fresh for quite a long period of time. Thus, these flowers are very popular in China as well as the whole world.

The flower number symbolism

In the country of China there is a popular culture to signify various hidden and cryptographic meanings by the number of flowers. 1 flower signifies that the person loves the other person only and no one else. 2 flowers symbolize that the person is always thinking of the other person only and no one else. 3 flowers also signify “I love you.” 4 flowers symbolize the promise given in love. 5 flowers signify no regrets. 6 flowers symbolize that everything goes in the way of the wished person. 7 flowers tell the person is happy whenever he or she is with the wished person. 8 numbers of flowers signify apology. 10 flowers signify the perfect love between each other in any relationship.

The social impact

The different varieties of flowers and their number signify various meanings in their Chinese society. Thus, all these flowers are hugely bought and sold in the country of China. Many of these flowers are also exported from China to other parts of the world. Thus, the florist business is on a hike in the nation of China for great symbolism and significances carried by therm.