Florist vs. Floral Designer

The floral decoration can be undertaken by the Pune florist (both online and neighbourhood guy) and the floral designer, but both are different people with their advantages and disadvantages. The online florist sells flowers and has standard floral arrangements readily available, but they cater to many people simultaneously and hence might not be able to pay the individual attention that your wedding requires. Though florists are also competent and can do the job, most often it is best to go to the professionals for that exquisite result. Floral designers are artists who specialise in floral decorations. Though it costs a lot to hire them, they will give their focussed attention to your wedding and the result would make the decision seem worthwhile.

To choose a florist or the professional floral decorator, the best way is experience. Not your own (since it would be the first time for you) but your friends and relatives who have recently hosted similar events will be able to give the best references. Advertisements, client testimonials on web site might not be as reliable. The other people reliable are the venue in charges that would have seen many such events.

List down your Flower Requirements

You would need flowers on the backdrop, as centre pieces on the dinner tables, at the entrance, for the bride and the bridesmaid, for religious ceremonies, on the men’s lapel, etc. All these would require not just different flowers, but also different types of arrangement. From garlands to bouquets, to centrepieces, the list should be clear in your head before you meet the florist.