Diwali – celebration in different parts of nation

Diwali is one among the biggest festivals in India. Along with happiness, the festival also brings light and success. If you want to wish someone on Diwali, fresh flowers would be a wonderful idea. Flowers would be a wonderful gift for all those who wish to get freshness during the occasion. People with every age as well as gender will be happy to receive fresh flowers during Diwali. People have a great enthusiasm to celebrate together with the friends as well as relatives. People wait for a longtime for this festival. This is the particular festival during which every educational institute as well as office remains closed.

Festival breaking geographical boundary

Diwali is such a festival, which is not at all restricted to a single geographical boundary. Rather, people of north, south, east and western part of India celebrates this festival in their own ways. Even people from different religion and custom participate in this particular festival. Along with sweets, people have a custom of sharing sweets to their neighbors, friends and relatives during Diwali. Even there is a lot of excitement during diwali for the people who do not reside in India. Foreigners are also really happy to hear about diwali and the celebration.

National festival

Diwali is a festival of joy and happiness in different districts and regions of the nation India. Thus, this is known as the national festival in a true sense. People show unity in diversity during the festive season of diwali. According to Northern India, victory of Rama over Ravana is celebrated as a festival of Diwali. The great Epic Ramayana speaks about their exile for 14 years of Rama and his wife as well as his brother. On the new moon day, the return of Rama is celebrated as the victory of truth over the demon Ravana. This is a wonderful festival for each and all people in the nation. Thus, the victory is celebrated by lighting home by candles and diya. The merrymaking is done among the friends and relatives during the festive season of Diwali.

Celebration in South India

Likewise, even in southern part of India, Diwali is celebrated on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi. Here, Diwali is really popular with the fireworks and the Lakshmi Puja. There is a great work of cleaning the ovens early in the morning. The ovens are also smudged with lime on this auspicious day. Another way of becoming pure during the festival of diwali is known as oil bath. The next day from this time is known as the new moon day. During this period the next day is regarded as the new moon day. Even the people from Karnataka experience celebration of wonderful diwali.

Children along with their friends visit the temple late at night and worship god and goddess. Even Diwali in Kerala is wonderful with well-dressed women and men offering pujas to God. This is a wonderful celebration standard for the people staying in South India. If you are willing to send a chosen gift to people around, diwali will be the wonderful festival for this concern.

Celebration in Eastern India

Celebration of Diwali or Deepavali in Easter India is also a wonderful. Bengalis are really very associated with their rich culture and rituals. They celebrate Kali Puja during the festival of Diwali. They light diyas during this auspicious occasion to wash away demons in their home and other places. They also light candles in essence of their departed soul. By the earthen diyas, rows are constantly illuminated. The Bengalis also celebrates the occasion by the fireworks. If you have not viewed celebrating diyas by Assamese, it is something you have actually missed. They provide a different essence while they undertake to burn diyas at their home. The fragrance is really amazing for this concern.

Contribution of Flowers in diwali

Diwali can never be celebrated without flowers. Along with rangolis that include colorful drawings, flowers are also really important in this venture. In Bihar, choti Diwali is celebrated by the people. This is celebrated a day before Diwali. The folk of women also decorate the home through rangoli. The houses are celebrated with flower garlands made up of marigold flowers. Celebrating Diwali through sweets can definitely impress individuals. Doorways are also decorated with flowers of different kind.  Diwali in Orissa is celebrated by people of Orissa with lighted diyas. There is a primitive practice among people of Orissa which makes it really special.

In Orissa, people burn Jute stem in order to illuminate the dark path. Spirits of ancestors get the right path to heaven. In Maharashtra, the festival named Diwali is celebrated for 5 days long. An arti of calf and cow is done on this auspicious occasion. The day is really very significant to the businessmen, traders and money lenders. Lakshmi puja is also done in this region of India for the festival of Diwali.