Beautiful Gardens- For Better Living

Gardening is loved by everyone. But, due to shortage of space, people find it difficult to satisfy their hobby. Various colorful flowers in the garden attract not only humans, but birds too. Gardens relax our mind and body. Fresh wind blowing in your garden and sitting in your verandah sipping a hot cup of tea relaxes, de-stresses and maintains mental stability.

Gardening and flowers

Gardening helps in creating new ideas with various flowering plants. Apart from planting flowers you can:

  • De-stress yourself in the peaceful environment of the garden.
  • Creating new ideas.
  • Good exercise while digging and cleaning the garden.
  • Relish hygienic and fresh vegetable or fruits.

You can also make your garden more beautiful by planting various flowering plants.

Flowers are the main attraction of any garden and choosing the right flower, which is suitable for the season and climate is important. You can also order flowering plants online and plant them in your garden.

Designing Beautiful Garden

A beautiful garden has always been everybody’s dream. People hire gardeners to design the gardens, though it needs proper planning and labor, by following simple steps  you can also design a lovely garden –

  • Proper Planning: This is the most essential step before starting the garden designing. Put the plan on a paper and find a correct location. Try to understand the types of plants that can be grown in the garden, its climatic conditions, etc. You can refer various catalogues or magazines and can also visit nurseries and garden centers for the designing help.
  • Soil Type: Get your soil tested for its pH level whether it is heavy, sandy, clay type or loamy. Also, look for the pattern of drainage, which makes the soil extremely dry or wet. If there is wetness in the soil you can add compost with mulch, which can absorb the excessive water and retain the required moisture.
  • Proper Light:  The quantity of light received in garden is also vital as plants make their food from sun and grow faster. Watch for wind patterns as well, as too much wind can dry up the plants.

Landscape Structure: The garden’s design totally depends on the structure of the landscape in garden. Features such as shape, balance, position and color are very important to consider before planning a garden design. Choose the plants according to the blooming capacity as long lasting blooming flowers create a good impact. You can group various plants, such as, medicinal plants on one side, vegetables on the other, etc. Just put pressure on your brain and create your own garden of your choice.